Now Offering Concussion and Vestibular Physiotherapy

We provide a professional, positive and friendly environment for our staff, patients and animals to reach their optimum potential.

Direct billing is available for all insurance companies, including motor vehicle accident insurance and Workers Compensation Board insurance.

Our Team

  • Marvin
    Director of Greetings

    Marvin loves cuddle hugs and belly rubs!

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  • Dr. Brett Lypchuk
    Chiropractor/Acupuncture Provider (He/Him)

    Dr. Brett’s best memory was spending a month studying abroad in Germany!

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  • Dr. Jordan Lunge
    Chiropractor (He/Him)

    Dr. Jordan’s favorite moment was swimming with a Bengal Tiger!

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  • Dr. Jaclyn Gardiner
    Chiropractor/Acupuncture Provider (She/Her)

    Dr. Jaclyn’s most memorable moment was spending two weeks travelling in New Zealand!

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  • Dr. Katie Edgecombe
    Chiropractor/Electro-acupuncture Provider (She/Her)

    Dr. Katie has a bit of an adventurous side. She once walked along the edge of the CN Tower

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  • Dr. Alex Hadden
    Registered Acupuncturist (She/Her)

    Dr. Alex is a bookaholic and loves anything written by Tom Robbins!

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  • Karyn Russell MScPT, BSc
    Physiotherapist / Dry Needling (She/Her)

    Karyn has run a 24-hour obstacle course, not once, but twice!

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  • Dylan Parsons
    Physiotherapist/Dry Needling/Vestibular/Concussion (He/Him)

    Dylan was a dancer and an actor for several years!

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  • Blanch Bradshaw
    Registered Massage Therapist / Cupping (She/Her)

    Blanch’s favorite moment was riding the gondola in Banff!

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  • Jennifer Beyak
    Registered Massage Therapist (She/Her)

    Jennifer’s favourite moment was travelling to Jamaica!

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  • Oceanna Vallee
    Registered Massage Therapist / Cupping / Hot Stone (She/Her)

    Her favourite memory is snorkelling with the fish in Hawaii!

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  • Jarvis Karchewski
    Student Massage Therapist (He/Him)

    Jarvis likes to play guitar, rock climb, play volleyball and read!

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  • Kanwar Sandhu
    Lead Clinical Assistant (He/Him)

    His favourite memory is travelling alone to Peru and Bolivia!

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  • Sabrina Yohannes
    Clinical Assistant (She/Her)

    Her favourite sport is soccer and she enjoys hiking and biking!

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  • Sajia Mahjor
    Clinical Assistant (She/Her)

    Sajia’s favourite moment was riding a camel in Turkey by accident, ask her for the story next time you see her at the clinic!

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