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Massaging to nurture the mind, body and soul!

  • 16 February 2020
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The human touch is a powerful and highly sensitive form of healing. Massage therapist have known this for many years. A massage therapist utilizes a hands-on approach to nurture the mind, body and soul.

The stimulation that comes from a massage helps to boosts circulation, aid in cellular renewal and remove toxic wastes from the body. As tense muscles are left over time, they begin to stiffen or tighten often restricting flow many fluids in the body. By relaxing these stiff muscles, the joints begin to loosen which allows better nutrient exchange within the joint. The nerves are soothed, an overall feeling of relaxation begins to settle in. Massage not only promotes relaxation, but it can be extremely therapeutic in aiding the body to heal physical pain and emotional stress.

Massage works with chiropractic in harmony by allowing the body to relax and make it easier for the chiropractor to adjust segments. By releasing the tension in the areas, it allows the adjustment to maintain its effectiveness. Once adequate mobility is attained, then exercise can be used to help restore the motion and strength into the muscles and joints, increasing the feedback to the brain.

Registered Massage Therapists complete a program of education and training and are registered within a professional association of Massage Therapy. Massage therapists can adapt techniques to be tailored to relaxation, deep tissue, sports massage and many more. Often, massage therapists will incorporate modalities like hot stones or cupping. Are you ready to nurture your mind, body and soul? Try out a massage today!

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