Dylan Parsons

BFA, MScPT (He/Him)
Physiotherapist | Dry Needling Vestibular | Concussion

Dylan graduated with a Master of Science in Physiotherapy from the University of Alberta and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from the same institution. He was born and raised in Ontario and moved to Alberta in 2010 to pursue his post-secondary studies and has now made Calgary his home.

Dylan believes in finding the root cause of any problem regarding rehabilitation and focuses on developing a thorough rehabilitation plan to optimize recovery for his clients. He uses manual therapy, education, dry needling, and therapeutic exercise specific to each client to attain their goals. In addition to clients with orthopedic concerns, he also sees clients of all ages who are recovering from concussions or are experiencing dizziness, vertigo, or balance dysfunction. He is proud to say that he recently completed the gold standard vestibular rehabilitation course offered by Duke University in Atlanta.

Before deciding to return to school to pursue his Master’s, he worked as an actor and dancer for several years. In his spare time, he is re-integrating dance back into life, hiking or outside with his 4 year old Corgi.

Dylan was a dancer and an actor for several years!