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Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a highly effective pain treatment. It is new and non-invasive for musculoskeletal pain. The extracorporeal shockwave therapy is frequently used in orthopaedics and sports medicine. Applications that are common include treatment of chronic muscular and tendon disorders, back and neck pain. Most common indications include painful shoulder, epicondylitis, low back pain, Achilles tendon pain, patellar tendonitis and trigger points.

Often shockwave can be compared to ultrasound therapy which is comprised of one continuous wave with a frequency range of 0.75–3 MHz. Ultra sound is used to promote deep healing within the damaged soft tissues of the body.

Shockwave Therapy, on the other hand, consists of several continuous sound waves (or acoustic pulses) which have high amplitude, are very short in length and place negative tension on the body’s tissues.

Many patients have reported post-treatment results such as:

– Relaxation of their muscles and connective tissues

– Improved circulation to the areas

– Noticeably elevated stimulation across the injured area

– Acceleration of metabolic activity

– Heightened neurovascular performance

– Increased serotonin hormone release

– Significant stress reduction

– Overall revitalizationfollowing the treatments

The key benefit of this type of treatment is fast pain relief and the ability to quickly restore motion. Conditions or injuries that traditionally require prolonged periods of immobility can be treated quickly and effectively. Shockwave reduces the need for pain killers, making it an ideal therapy to help speed up recovery and reduce acute or chronic pain.

If you are suffering from muscle or tendon pain, try shockwave today!

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