Dr. Lyndsey Tucker
Traditional Chinese Medicine / Acupuncturist

Dr. Tucker has been involved in the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Health food communities in Calgary for over a decade. Graduating from The Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, doing a dual program in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine while completing her Reiki studies, Lyndsey has developed skills in using energy medicine from multiple cultures.  Having studied at The Kootenay Sound Healing Centre in B.C. Dr. Tucker has the ability to provide treatment without needles using specially calibrated sound tools to elicit the response of the acupuncture point similarly to that of the needle or as a dynamic pairing with traditional Acupuncture or Fire cupping. With training in FODMAPS from the Monash University of Australia and how to apply TCM principles with diet and herbs. Dr. Tucker can help you reach your goals no matter what they are, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.