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Tanner Murtagh
Masters in Social Work/Pain Reprocessing Therapy (He/Him)

Tanner Murtagh grew up in Calgary, Alberta and was very active as a child. In his early 20s he began to experience chronic back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, and headaches. After several years of suffering in daily pain and having little success with various treatments, he came to the understanding that nothing was structurally wrong with my body and in fact he had neuroplastic pain (pain that occurs in the brain). Utilizing techniques he now uses with his clients, he recovered and has been pain free and extremely active ever since.

Tanner attended the University of Calgary, where he completed a Masters in Clinical Social Work, with the goal of supporting others in overcoming neuroplastic pain. He is trained in assessing and treating chronic pain that has no structural cause. Tanner employs Pain Reprocessing Therapy, which is a system of therapeutic techniques that retrains the brain to begin responding to signals from the body properly, ending the cycle of chronic pain. His therapeutic approach involves supporting clients in reducing the fear of their pain and then processing their emotions through a lens of safety.