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The Top 3 Reasons to See Your Massage Therapist Regularly!

Massage therapy is a tried and true profession with a great place in healthcare. Much like chiropractic care, there are many benefits to seeing your therapist regularly. Here are some of those reasons.

Reason #1: Massage can help to reduce muscular tightness and tension

When muscles build up tension and tightness in the body, this can restrict our mobility, often making it hard to perform many of our regular daily activities. A massage can help to relieve these restrictions and help to mobilize your muscles, making it less likely to accumulate “knots” or tension. Regular massage can help to maintain regular muscle function.

Reason #2: Massage can reduce stress 

We often carry a lot of our stress in our muscles and it can be presented as tension, tightness and… pain! We need relaxation and meditation in our lives to help us to calm our mind, body, and soul. A massage session is a great form of mindfulness and meditation. A regular massage can be integrated into your monthly mental health routine, while reaping the many other benefits it has to offer.  

Reason #3: Massage improves bodily circulation 

Circulation is a crucial part to a healthy body, because without it we end up with swelling, decrease nutritional exchange and decreased oxygen. Mainly our joints and muscles benefit from this circulation, but also our lymphatic system that is so important to removal of toxins, waste, and unwanted accumulations in our body.  

At Back to Motion, we believe in the importance of regular massage in conjunction with your chiropractic care, so we offer a great subscription plan to ease the stress on your mind and your bank account.

Our subscription plan includes: 

  • $10 off each 60- or 90- minute massage on a 12-month plan 
  • $5 off each 60- or 90-minute massage on a 6-month plan 
  • Billed at the beginning of each month, however, if you decided to pay up front, it’s an additional $5 off each massage.

Other benefits of being a member include: 

  • $5 off for family members 
  • $5 off each additional massage that month 
  • 10% off products in the clinic 

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