A chiropractor is a musculoskeletal professional that will perform an in-depth history and physical examination to determine the cause of your condition. Here are some of the main reasons we have heard over the years as to why our patients come to see us at Back to Motion:

1: Our patients feel improvements in joint mobility and function, making daily activities easier.

2: Our patients notice better functioning muscles.

3: Our patients report better management of conditions like, arthritis and inflammation.

4: Our patients have often told us that flare-ups are significantly reduced with regular chiropractic care, whereas before it would be more serious episodes of pain.

5: Our patients say they notice improvements in sleep and energy.

6: Our pregnant patients feel relief from prenatal/postnatal discomfort.

7: Our patients come in because they improvement in their overall health and wellness for the whole family , including infants and children.

8: Our athletes report improvement in their athletic performance.

9: Our patients come in because they feel improvement in their overall health and wellness for the whole family, including infants and children

10: Lastly, chiropractic decreases PAIN!!

Our chiropractors work with you to get you out of pain and to increase your quality oflife. Book in for a complementary consultation today.