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What is Vestibular Rehabilitation?

  • 2 February 2022
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Vestibular rehabilitation is an exercise based therapy designed to improve balance and reduce problems related to dizziness or vertigo. Vestibular rehabilitation is a proven and effective treatment for a number of inner ear disorders that may be the cause of dizziness.

BPPV is the most common cause of vertigo and can typically be resolved within 1-3 treatments.

Common causes of dizziness:
Dizziness can come from many causes such as inner ear disorders, infections or virus’, sensory imbalances, head trauma, concussions, brain related issues and many more. Any issues in any of the complex system between your vestibular system, visual system and body can cause many symptoms of dizziness, nausea, vomiting, unsteadiness, and fatigue.

BPPV (Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) is the most common causes of vertigo. It can occur after a motor vehicle accident, blow to the head, or more commonly, out of nowhere. BPPV occurs when crystals inside the inner ear become displaced into one of three canals. When this happens a short 30-60 seconds of vertigo will occur almost every time the person changes into a variety of positions. A vestibular therapist is trained to identify where these crystals are and performing a series of movements to return the crystals back to where they should be. Typically, people recover within two to three treatments with a trained vestibular therapist.

What should I expect with my first visit?
Your first visit it will be one hour one on one where Dylan Parsons, Physiotherapist will take a detailed history, assess for more serious causes of dizziness stemming from the brain, determine the source of the dizziness, and provide preliminary treatment and education. After your first visit, it is common to be quite fatigued and many people do not like to drive afterwards as this can be quite provoking. You are welcome to bring someone to your appointments if you are concerned about driving or need a ride after your appointment.

Dylan Parsons, MScPT, BFA
Concussion, Vestibular and Orthopedic Physiotherapist

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