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Why would someone see an Manual Osteopathic Therapist?

  • 10 August 2021
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Manual Osteopathic Therapy is a gentle hands-on modality that investigates bodily and mechanical dysfunctions. The focus of a Manual Osteopathic Therapist (MOT) is to support the body’s natural capability to heal, self-regulate, and maintain overall health. Treatments examine the body as a whole unit and give the practitioner the ability to treat the client on deeper levels to give longer lasting effects. Treatments aim to assess and correct both structural and functional areas of concern. MOTs can address complex conditions of somatic and visceral origin solely using a hands-on approach.

The areas targeted:
Osteo-Articulations or Joints – Osteopathic articulation refers to the mobilisation and manipulation of joints, although the process achieves so much more than is implied by that statement. It can be used to treat a wide range of afflictions, including musculoskeletal pain, tight muscles, osteoarthritic joint changes or decreased range of movement. Osteopathy can restore movement and decrease pain to your affected joint(s) by the use of slow, low-key manipulation to the problem zone, working within your pain-free range of motion so as not to cause further discomfort.

Myofacial Remodeling – Fascia is what forms a continuous tensional network throughout the human body, covering and connecting every single organ, muscle, nerve or tiny fibre. Osteopathy can help by helping to regain mobility to these networks.

Involuntary Mechanisms – Referring to the rhythmic contractions and expansions seen on the skin surface of the head and neck, which are said to correspond to the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. Osteopathy can help by restoring flow of this mechanism.

Visceral Manipulation – Visceral manipulation is a manual therapy concerned with mobility restrictions of the abdominal organs (viscera) and the surrounding network of the connective tissue. Osteopathy can help restore motion into the visceral areas of the body.

Does this sound like something that your body could benefit from? The MOT will work with the patient to help relieve tension in any of these areas, allowing you to get back to living your life pain-free. If you are interested in learning more about Osteopathy, book an appointment with Back to Motion, where we help you get Back to Motion!

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