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Our Team

  • Dr. Brett Lypchuk
    Chiropractor/Acupuncture Provider (He/Him)

    Dr. Brett Lypchuk grew up in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan playing many sports. When he was younger, he severely injured his low back, which resulted in chronic low back pain. After numerous attempts to fix it, a chiropractor was the first person to listen and to help him recover. He became…

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  • Dr. Jordan Lunge
    Chiropractor (He/Him)

    Dr. Jordan Lunge graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2004. He was awarded the Canadian International Academic Scholarship for exceptional academic performance and received the degree of Doctor of Chiropractic. Dr. Jordan attended the University of Calgary (1997-2000) where he majored in exercise Health Physiology. While attending Palmer, Jordan…

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  • Dr. Jaclyn Gardiner
    Chiropractor/Acupuncture Provider (She/Her)

    Dr. Jaclyn Gardiner is a chiropractor who is passionate about helping others. She believes that ‘movement is medicine’ and strives to help incorporate active, healthy living into her patient’s lives. Originally from Carleton Place, Ontario, Dr. Gardiner competed competitively in Canoe/Kayak and took part in many other sports. These experiences…

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  • Dr. Alex Hadden
    Registered Acupuncturist/TCM Doctor (She/Her)

    Dr. Alex (Alyssandria) Hadden believes that all medical services need to be safe, comfortable, respectful, and compassionate. She takes pride in providing the highest level of medical treatment and customer service in a modern and highly professional manner. Her greatest reward is when she helps a patient overcome seemingly impossible…

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  • Karyn Russell
    Physiotherapist / Dry Needling (She/Her)

    Karyn Russell is a physiotherapist who graduated from the University of Alberta’s master’s program in 2018. She believes in a one-on-one approach to rehabilitation and recovery. Karyn takes the time to fully assess movement and compensation strategies, and provides education, manual therapy, IMS/Dry Needling and exercises individualized to the client’s…

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  • Dylan Parsons
    Physiotherapist/Dry Needling/Vestibular/Concussion (He/Him)

    Dylan graduated with a Master of Science in Physiotherapy from the University of Alberta and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from the same institution. He was born and raised in Ontario and moved to Alberta in 2010 to pursue his post-secondary studies and has now made Calgary…

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  • Blanch Bradshaw
    Registered Massage Therapist / Cupping (She/Her)

    Blanch graduated from Trillium College where she earned her diploma as a Registered Massage Therapist completing 2200 hours in Ontario. She moved to Alberta and started working in the Northern Peace Region at a physical therapy clinic, where she was able to practice with the passion and love she has…

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  • Jennifer Beyak
    Registered Massage Therapist (She/Her)

    Jennifer is a graduate of the Alberta College of Massage Therapy where she obtained 2200 hours of RMT training. She is a Registered Massage Therapist with the Canadian Massage and Manual Osteopathic Therapist Association. She became a massage therapist to help people recover from injuries and to help them restore…

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  • Tanner Murtagh
    Masters in Social Work/Pain Reprocessing Therapy (He/Him)

    Tanner Murtagh grew up in Calgary, Alberta and was very active as a child. In his early 20s he began to experience chronic back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, and headaches. After several years of suffering in daily pain and having little success with various treatments, he came to the…

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  • Kanwar Sandhu
    Lead Clinical Assistant (He/Him)

    Kanwar is from Mississauga, Ontario and is the face you will most likely see during the weekdays in the mornings. He is passionate about photography and is a hobby horticulturalist! Just take a look at all the plants he’s been tending to in the waiting room!

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  • Sajia Mahjor
    Part-Time Clinical Assistant (She/Her)

    Sajia is from Calgary, Alberta and she is currently a health sciences student at Mount Royal University.

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