Dr. Brett Lypchuk

DC (He/Him)
Chiropractor | Acupuncture Provider | Prenatal Care
Dr. Brett Lypchuk grew up in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan playing many sports. When he was younger, he severely injured his low back, which resulted in chronic low back pain. After numerous attempts to fix it, a chiropractor was the first person to listen and to help him recover. He became a regular patient of chiropractic ever since that moment. This chiropractor was one of his idols growing up due to the vast amounts of knowledge and compassion that he possessed. Dr. Brett has always wanted to embody this passion in his future practices.Dr. Brett attended the prestigious Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Ontario. His goal is to educate his patients and to enhance the lives of all his patients. Dr. Brett has a keen interest in helping a variety of people from young to old thrive through chiropractic care. He is passionate about inclusive care for everyone. Dr. Brett has trained in many chiropractic techniques. He is certified in acupuncture and he is an animal chiropractor. His mission is to continuously grow and educate himself for many years to come and help you and your pets regain your optimal health.
Dr. Brett’s best memory was spending a month studying abroad in Germany!