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TCM Acupuncture Can Help Get Rid of Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

Did You Know?

TCM Acupuncture Can Help Get Rid of Hot Flashes and Night Sweats.

TCM Acupuncture is a very specialized form of acupuncture that is based in the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, (TCM). As such, it works very differently than acupuncture that focuses only on local pain management, and can help with all kinds of other ailments that plague us on a daily basis.

For example, while there is no question that hot flashes and night sweats are symptoms of menopause, they can happen to anyone at any time in life, including men. TCM sees this as a condition of deficiency of energy, usually as a result of overwork or too much stress.

TCM Acupuncture can relieve and or eliminate these symptoms in just a few weekly treatments, and there are excellent herbal formulas that your Doctor of TCM Acupuncture can recommend that will help to reduce the sweating and prevent the hot flashes and/or night sweats from returning. 

To get started on cooling off and getting a better night’s sleep, book your appointment with our Doctor of TCM Acupuncture, Dr. Alex Hadden, today.

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